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Jeremy B. Eel’s list of Predatory Microformat Publishers

Jeremy B. Eel created a HUGE list of Predatory Microformat Publishers.  This includes those awful predatory publishers of content on microfilm, microfiche and micro-opaques!  Some of the predatory publishers include the likes of Adam Matthew, BMI and others.  Take a look at this scandalous list here.


Announcing the new Journal of Microformat Studies

Haworth Press Inc., has announced a brand new journal devoted to library studies in the microformats.  Of course, the journal will only be published in microformat.  Institutional subscribers will have the option to provide access to their patrons in either microfilm, microfiche or even microcard.  Personal subscribers will be able to subscribe to the journal in those three formats or on CD-ROM as well.

Steve Johnson, Vice President of Publishing Services for Haworth Press noted that the journal has established an editorial board with members from many vaunted institutions.  The journal will be published quarterly, but because of difficult technical outsourcing issues, the first issue dated January 2009 will not be available until August of 2011.  He recommends that libraries subscribe now so that all of your microformat researchers will not miss the first important issue.

Institutional subscription Price — $1,379/year

Personal subscription Price — $249/year