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New Journal Announced, Library Lo Tech

Emerald, a major publisher of a wide range of library journals, has announced a new journal entitled Library Lo Tech.  Even though Emerald also publishes journals called Library Hi Tech and Library Hi Tech News, this new journal will have innovative features not available in those other Emerald journals.

Dr. Robert Brumble from Northumbria University will be the managing editor of the journal.  He is looking forward to article submissions and discussions concerning a wide range of topics for many years to come.  Some of the articles that are already in the pipeline are:  “Microfilm or Microfiche: Which is Better for Books”, “The Proper Use and Care of Mechanical Typewriters in Library Settings”,  and “Card Catalogs: Not for Wimps”.

He notes that the journal will only be published in print with small print runs and at a high cost.  This will create great “exclusivity” for the authors since not many libraries (nor their patrons for that matter) will be able to get their hands on the articles.  He notes that “those few subscribers and readers will know they have a rare item in their hands.”  Other features of the journal that help to enhance exclusivity include: no indexing of the journal in any format, the publisher will not allow authors to upload pre- or post-print versions of their articles in any format, copyright clearance costs are substantial so only select few libraries can afford to purchase articles, and there are severe interlibrary loan restrictions.

Dr. Brumble recommends this journal for any reader or librarian who longs for the “good ‘ol days”.