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American Chemical Society to create a MOOC

The American Chemical Society has decided to get into the MOOC education market.  The administrators have been reading all about MOOCs on a blogger.com blog, and they figured now is the time to see if they can figure out how to suck even more money from the academic market.  John Farley, Chair of the Education Committee of the ACS, said that “Those stupid librarians have figured out that we are charging way too much money for our journals.  I can’t believe that some colleges and universities are cancelling the journal packages.  That irrepressible Jenica Rogers has started a horrible trend, getting librarians to think and act. ”  He also said “I know what we’ll do.  We will sidestep librarians and go straight to the chemists.  We can sell our educational services directly to them.  They are even better suckers than librarians!”

Betsy Ross-Kingsly, the Associate Director of Educational Outreach for the ACS, said “I have no idea what the fuck a MOOC really is, but I hear it is a great way to make boat loads of cash, so we need to get in on this deal.”

Jerry McKlein, a noted education blogger, was excited to learn about the initiative.  He spammed 39 different library discussion lists about the big news.