Reaction to SLA Proposal: ALA to Change Name

The Special Libraries Association announced yesterday that the membership of the organization “failed to approve a proposal to change the organization’s name.”

Today, in a surprise move by the American Library Association (ALA), they announced that as of January 1, 2010, the organization will change their name from the American Library Association to the “Association for Strategic Knowledge Professionals”!

The Executive Director of ALA, Keith Michael Fiels, said “If the members of the SLA have failed to take advantage of this awesome proposal, there is no stinkin’ way that we’re going to let that great name pass us by.  We have already contacted SLA Headquarters about transferring the registration of the URLs of and”

Most of the leadership of ALA (soon to be called the Association for Strategic Knowledge Professionals) have reacted favorably to the change.  James Austin noted that all of the ALA members provide strategic knowledge, either to their organizations or for their patrons.  He asked “Why did it take so long for the ALA to realize this?”  Susan Fernando, a member of the ALA Council, was excited about the impending change.  She said “I will be very proud to put ASKPro on my resume.”

However, there were some minor concerns raised by some of the members.  An anonymous member questioned the name change process.  She said, “Ummm, this wasn’t exactly a bottom up proposal, since I never heard about this until today.  Doesn’t stuff like this need to go through multiple committees?  Didn’t anyone read the by-laws to see how to change the name of ALA? ”

Executive Director Fiels responded to the three complaints.  He said “Tough cookies. The name Association for Strategic Knowledge Professionals was available, so we took it.”

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  • Anonymous ALA Councilor  On December 11, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    That’s right!

    Bow to ASKPro, the new American Library Association Overlords!

    PS Contact me if you ever hear of something you do (or do not) want to see happen in ALA. I’m happy to speak truth to power – for that is the power of being a combined gadfly & gadabout 🙂

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